Broken Halo

Boyfriend number 3 and I have been chatting for a good couple of months. We’ve dated and I’ve always felt there was something missing. There was no great spark, you know? No butterflies. No fanny flutters. Just nice.

He is constantly telling me I am beautiful though, and what girl doesn’t love to hear that. Um hello! So I have stayed with it because we agreed in the beginning that I wasn’t interested in anything and that the only thing on offer was friendship. However this week, things took a turn and my sappy giant turned the conversation into something a lot less PG. I’d been avoiding this. Not because I’m a prude. Or because I had at sexting, but just because I didn’t want sex to be the hook (for a change). But I’ve never been the golden girl and so D and I exchanged some pretty filthy ideas over the course of the afternoon.

And I’m really confused about how I feel? At the time, I was a little hot under the collar. OK a lot! But when the fun subsides, I still don’t fancy him? Or do I? Arghhhhhh

So… am I attracted to him? Or the written word. How do I know? Is there a word for somebody who gets turned on by reading and not physically? Omg is there something wrong with me?

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Welcome to my blog about my car crash dating life as a 30 something female.

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