Honesty is the Best Policy

So boyfriend no.1 and boyfriend no.3 now know about each other. Warts and all. Ok well maybe not quite to that level. But I’ve been finding it really hard to manage the whole situation and I was starting to feel a little cornered. So like a grown up, I explained to both of them that they wasn’t my only love interest and there was somebody else in my life.

And their reactions were equally confusing.

Boyfriend no.1 has always talked about how monogamy is not natural. I agree with this to some degree but probably borne out of naivety and from experience. But seriously? How do two people remain satisfied with each other and meet each other’s needs for an entire lifetime? However when I bought this up (I went to see him) he didn’t really have a lot to say about it, yet his body stiffened and I sensed he was uncomfortable with it which doesn’t really make any sense. ‘Ok, thanks for telling me’ summed up the entire conversation. Our dates are becoming much more frequent though now despite the distance between us!

Boyfriend No.3 responded amazingly and was really supportive. ‘I can’t say I’m not jealous, because I am, you are amazing, but we’re single so there’s no rules here. But remember I do like you a lot and I’d still like to date you and continue to get to know you better’

I’m not sure what kind of response I was expecting. I expected them both to be kinda furious, I know I would be if a guy told me I was one of two women he was dating. And then I wondered why? I’d consider myself a fairly confident person, but I’m full of insecurities. Like most women I suppose. I’d be thinking what does she have that I don’t? Who’s the best kisser? Who makes the best lover? Who has set up the best date. I think it would send me into a spin and if I’m honest I’d bail out.

So who will bail out first No.1 or No.3?

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Welcome to my blog about my car crash dating life as a 30 something female.

3 thoughts on “Honesty is the Best Policy”

  1. Girl, I don’t kiss and tell. I wish I could though, just to see that “competitiveness” come out but you are right, if the roles were reversed, I’d pack up and ghost.


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