What do you get if you mix a little business, a little pleasure, a little humour, a lot of flirting, a wink in the DM’s and a vow of secrecy?

Do you remember Mixing Business with Pleasure? Don’t worry if not I’ll recap for you; I downloaded Tinder in order to secretly, shamelessly, shyfully swipe right on my coworker and hope he would swipe back so we could finally act on the tension that is so obvious between us. He never did swipe right as far as I am aware. I left Tinder running for a week and I never got a match with him and thus it was deleted and forgotten about.


I wasn’t lying when I said switching on my dating mode antenna had bought all the boys to my yard. I’m not getting too ahead of myself because it could just be the result of lockdown. Mutual boredom equals mutual masturbation? But I’m seriously starting to wonder if my Milkshake really that tasty? What started out as a typically innocent bit of banter between the two of us over the ‘Gram has exploded (literally) into a full blown confession of utter desire for each other!

I am not OK yo! I am totes confused. Not about him as such, because I totally fancy him. He is funny, handsome, fit, interesting, not to mention tall and the boy has a huuuge…..bed. And the goods to match, if you get what I mean. But, technically, I am this guys boss. Not everyday, but at least once a week and in the absence of my colleague, I take over the management of this super sexy man and I am totally conflicted as to whether I should run with it. Or whether to completely withdraw. Totally in camp stand-off right now.

My company doesn’t frown upon inter-work relationships. The work we do is not ‘normal’ and as a result you tend to find that people gravitate to each other. My department has seen countless weddings and partnerships over the years. But it’s the stigma that is attached to ‘sleeping with the boss’ that has got me all panicky! Even though I’m not technically his boss. Only sometimes.

How on earth do I manage the professional with the personal? We’ve agreed that as two consenting adults, sworn to secrecy and totally into each other we should explore what there is between us. But this has all the makings of a disaster…because I’m not sure I can find the middle ground. I don’t even think I can face him now without blushing and wanting to go run and hide in the basement!

So FD, Gamer geek, Nathan, Ex-Colleague and now Mr Big.

My Menu is back FFS!

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Welcome to my blog about my car crash dating life as a 30 something female.

7 thoughts on “Milkshake”

  1. What are we calling this one?? I’m so intrigued lol living vicariously through your dating adventures 🤭 did you guys discuss where it could go? In other words, you’re just not in it for a fling thing? Feel like I’m watching a rom-com series! Can’t wait for the next episode LOL


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