Me vs Brain – GG

Gamer Geek: I’d love to buy you dinner. Kind of

Me: OK?

Him: Come over, I’ll get us takeout and we can watch a film

Me: That’s a great idea, I’d love to.

Him: You’re welcome

Brain: Cow!

Me: What?!

Brain: He’s nice. You don’t deserve him

Me: Excuse Me?

Brain: You heard

Me: Why are you being mean

Brain: Why you pretending you’re not?

Me: I’m not. I’m single and dating. This is ok!

Brain: Is it?

Brain: You’re sleeping with someone else

Me: Fine, I’ll sleep with him too

Brain: Fucking Slut

Me: Hey!!

Brain: You want a nice guy. But you never fancy the nice guy

Me: …. Yet!

Brain: You won’t. Just let him down gently now, tell him you don’t want dinner

Me: I might, slow burns happen. Besides, I’m hungry

Brain: Slow burns do happen, but not this one

Me: Give me chance-

Brain: stop wasting his time

Me: I’m not. He’s ticking boxes

Brain: Not that one though. It’s a pretty big box

Me: It’s just a takeaway. Chill TF out

Brain: Rude

Brain: You know what it means

Me: means I won’t be hungry

Brain: No!

Me: ….

Brain: ….

Me: ….

Brain: pretty big thing to do. He LIKES you

Me: I like him t-

Brain: And he bakes you biscuits

Brain: and he makes you tea

Me: Yeah well I-

Brain: and he’s already invited you to Scotland!

Me: Doesn’t mean-

Brain: you’ll break his heart

Me: FFS! Don’t be so dramatic

Brain: I’ll make sure you spend all night thinking about Mr Big.

Me: Noooo, please don’t. I’ve told him we need a couple of weeks before we get together again so I can prep for this big interview

Me: Anyway, you soon changed you tune, what happened to Mr Big being a bad idea?

Brain: Breaking GG’s heart is a worse idea. I know you, you’d rather be hurt, that hurt someone else.

– 2 months later-

Him: I thought we had something special happening between us

Me: I think you are really great, I’m just not in the same place

Him: I’m so sad.

Me: I’m sorry. I really wish you all the best, you deserve someone special

Brain: you wish him the best?!! Told you he didn’t deserve you

Brain: Bitch!

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Welcome to my blog about my car crash dating life as a 30 something female.

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      1. This seriously sucks… April is enough time to see whether that square piece can turn into a triangle. I believe in miracles, or is it hope? ‘Nice’ is okay… but meh

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