Realisations – Is this the real life?

Let’s rewind and cast your mind back to Roaring 20’s, Boring 20’s where I made a huge list of New Year Realisations with the aim of being able to keep to at least one of them. As somebody who keeps herself accountable on all levels, let’s take 10 minutes to review.

1) Read a minimum of 12 books (once a month, not hard) – Well, I managed The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown in January. I started on Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs in February but didn’t make it past the first chapter. As for March…. meh! But! I have spent an extraordinary amount of time researching (see 4).

2) Write 500 words before bed every evening (except Sundays. And Mondays. And Wednesdays). Ok fine, 500 words twice per week. – So let’s do some maths. It has been 10 weeks since we barrel-rolled into 2021. That means I should have at least 20 new blogs and the cumulative word count for those blogs should be 10000 or more. How many blogs have I written? 20 ✅ How many words? 15473 ✅. I am super super proud that I have met this one!

3) Continue spiritual and personal growth to feed the soul by connecting more with friends and family. – I have no idea what I even meant by this, perhaps I should have expanded. But I have been keeping on top of the chores which in turn is leading to better mental space for me. I have seen more of family this year than I did the whole of 2020. And I have definitely been more involved with my friends. Not necessarily seeing them, but keeping in touch more and reaching out more.

4) Feed my need to know things; continue to explore the world and how to help it through documentaries, news articles, published papers etc and look into taking a new class in Human Factors and Cognitive Bias. – So I have not take a new class. Yet. There’s still 9 months of the year left but I have been doing a lot of research on DNA techniques to differentiate between Twins, reading up a lot of papers regarding the performance and standards of the National Crime Agency and I have watched two documentaries on how severe weather poses a threat to the Earth and what we should do about it now.

5) Hike once a month with a 5km minimum walk once a week (checking off 100 greatest walks of GB). Those glutes will thank you babe (and so will he). – what is a hike? 10km? 10 miles? Doesn’t matter, I slayed both! And my glutes get all the glory from both Mr Big and GG 😉

6) Finish all the small little jobs left to do in the house. Renovation is a pain but so rewarding when the job is finally done. (Plus, do you want to be embarrassed??!) –Not even started. I got a name and a number. But my high functioning anxiety doesn’t seem to want to let me ring this person just to get quotes. Me and tradespeople just aren’t meant to be. So I’ll wait until I have a man and then he can help with this. Solid plan. Beside, they all want to be our hero don’t they?!

7) Chores are for rainy days. (Seriously, if the sun is shining, get your butt outside!) – wasn’t really a realisation, more of a reminder to continue. I did wash the car on one unseasonable sunny warm day. So technically I haven’t kept to this. Or have I?

8) Keep a diary to keep me honest with my realisations and create a vision board to see it all – Epic fail. Swiftly moving on.

9) Reduce screen time by 50% (Hahahahaha). – THIS! I have managed to reduce my screen time down by 25%! In a lockdown. Amazing. Not quite 50% but still, a win of epic proportions!

10) Continue to focus on nutrition and overall body health. – I’ve lost 1 stone since the start of January. That’s the equivalent of 6kg through a mix of exercise and eating good food. I have 15 minutes a day of MadFit to thank for this (Youtube, go check her out)

Not bad Saint, Not bad at all!

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7 thoughts on “Realisations – Is this the real life?”

  1. Hey not bad, not bad at all! I mean that you have a solid plan at all is amazing 😂👌 after the year we all had I just threw that all out the window, I’m tired man lol but good for you! Lol

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