Just let me vent!

So my sons dad has been seeing my cousin. I mention this in Post Christmas Blues. A Rant! My 1am pity party was swiftly drawn to a close and I got on with life. Fast forward 4 months and not only has he moved less than 100 steps away from my own house, he’s moved my cousin, no wait, HIS SON’S Cousin into his house and he’s not said a dickie bird to me. Not that I need to keep tabs on what he’s doing, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to know who my son will be spending time with when he’s not with me.

I’m so tempted to ban dad visits, never before have I felt this wound up about something. Never before I have I even thought about using my son as a weapon. Never before has I thought my son would be better off without his dad. Never before have I considered that my own free time is less important than his dad. But here I am, considering for the first time using our son to hit him where it hurts.

I won’t of course. Because my son needs his dad more than I need vengeance.

But my walks, my local, my Tesco, my chippy, my Chinese are now all tainted with the fact I could walk into either of them in any of those locations at any time. Urgh! This means always having my hair done, always having my make-up sharp and always being dressed to kill!

It sucks!!

Because I’ll be damned if I see them both together looking like fine wines while i’m a half empty can of red stripe. No idea why I’m using alcohol as a metaphor, maybe it’s my subconscious giving me a hint on how to cope in the short term? You know what’s worse. It’s the shame of it all. The cousin comes from the wealthy half of my family. The hoighty toity brigade. Whilst I cannot believe they don’t really see the shame in it, possibly because they see me as the black sheep of the family, so in their eyes he has upped a level…(pahahahahahaha all fuckidiots), in mine it’s like some Jeremy Kyle shite. ‘You slept with mine and my sons cousin and me at the same time’ So who here really has the wrong values, we were together for 14 years, is nothing off-fucking-limits?


Help. Please???

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5 thoughts on “Just let me vent!”

  1. This really really sucks!!! Why aren’t they ashamed to a point of moving FAAAAAAAAAAAAR away? Do you know how exhausting makeup is? Do just the eyes because you don’t want that brown tint makeup residue on the mask straps like you used a dirty mask… That’s worse. Does this mean you’ll have to wear heels to get chinese? oh my goodness. Soon your son will be besties with the cousin, speaking non stop about the non-friends! I’m sorry!

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  2. Omg that sucks… I suppose you’re not close to yours hoity cousin of yours… I mean it would be weird if anyone I knew (family or friend) dated an ex of mine…. I mean it’s even weird to think that once (before we even knew him) was interested in dating my sisters husband when we first met him (only bc I was tired of being single lol)… But just the thought makes me feel icky! Did they not care to ask if you felt anyway about it??

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    1. That would denote an ounce of respect. Neither have isn’t.
      It’s just icky. Why would you move close to your ex. Better yet, why would you move into a house so close to your boyfriends ex. Maybe because I’m family, it makes it Ok?! It’s not. Both a pair of psycho’s.

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