The S Word.

How do you know if you are settling for something?

Is settling OK?

Or should we be striving for the absolute best?

It’s been five months with GG, 6 if you include the talking/virtual stage before we actually went on a date.

The list of good qualities he has just pours out of me, kind, generous, laid back, funny, charming, fit, geeky.

So, you would think after 6 months, I would have met at least one friend or at least one member of the family and I would definitely have heard something along the veins of ‘I love you’. Not necessarily that direct, but things like ‘I’m crazy about you’ or ‘you make me so happy’ or ‘I can’t imagine my world without you in it’ or ‘I miss you’. None of these things have happened.

My love language is quality time, closely followed by acts of service. Physical touch and words of affirmation are sub-par to the above but that doesn’t mean I don’t need them. Because I do. I hold no value of gift-giving, albeit, I do think it has it’s place in a relationship that isn’t just directly related to birthdays, holidays and Christmas.

And I don’t think you can say one person is 100% a love language, because it’s more like a spectrum;

I’m 36% Quality Time, 30% Acts of Service, 18% Words of Affirmation 10% physical touch and 6% gift giving.

And my love language will increase or decrease depending on any given scenario I am in, but in general the above is an accurate reflection of how I give love and how I like to receive love.

I get a lot of quality time from GG. Assuming cooking or buying dinner is considered an act of service, then he tries really hard. But there’s not much else. There’s very little words of affirmation, he can choke out ‘you look pretty’ when I’ve made an effort. He’s not into PDA which is fine but he does like to gift things, either buying dinner, or bringing a bottle of wine or buying chocolate.

And I feel guilty, because as much as those things are nice, it’s not what I really need. I can buy my own things, you know?

And so, I’ve done the worst thing I can do, I’ve started drawing comparisons. Comparisons to other people, ex’s, tv, social media. I know I shouldn’t. I know. I don’t need anybody telling me why I shouldn’t draw comparisons but the other side of the coin is that we use our past experiences to develop an internal radar. We have a gut. We have instincts. We are animals after all.

My instinct is telling me that I’m settling.

Remember my boundaries post? And how I was adamant that I would not invest in somebody who wasn’t investing in me?

Well, GG has met my parents. We’ve talked about meeting my son. He’s been on the phone to my friends with me. All these things which are normal building blocks to a relationship, yes?

And while I’m trying to build my blocks, every time I look over, my metaphorical wall is always much higher than GG’s.

Now I’m not saying he doesn’t make an effort and isn’t investing. He’s just organised a weekend away, we had a lovely time and he’s organised another the end of this month.

He’s asked me to be a plus 1 for a wedding in October. OCTOBER! So there’s the future element of building going on, but it feels superficial. It’s surface level. Do you agree? Or have I started my usual of overthinking?

I need to be honest here too, because the doubt has crept in for two reasons;

1) 6 months is usually make or break time for me. It’s like I have an internal body clock telling me, here you go, 6 months in, decide if it’s worth your time/effort to continue things forward. But then I think, hang on, that’s your pattern and the whole point of the last 18 months was about recognising patterns and changing them. So then I think, no decisions need to be made now but then I think again and I don’t want to waste another couple of months if it leads me to the same conclusion.

2) After 3 months going cold turkey, managing to avoid any contact with Mr Big, we’ve done nothing but see each other or talk to each other (professionally of course) over the last two weeks.

And damn if my body doesn’t just vibrate around him. It’s like I’m on a completely different frequency with him to anybody else. Not even football dad had that effect on me when I was at the height of my crush. The babes comment? Pah!! Nothing on what I feel when Mr Big is in my midst.

And whilst I know Mr Big and I have no future unless it is to bounce each other off the bed every once in a while, I do wonder…can I find that buzz with someone else? If I can, I should probably do the kind thing and bring the pleasure that has been GG to an end. Would I even feel that buzz if things were right with GG and I? I should feel that buzz with GG, right? And if I can’t find that buzz with someone else, is that settling or is that normal? By not actively pursuing the ‘buzz’ I feel like I may just end up in something boring and unfulfilling, but I’ve only ever followed the buzz and it’s never got me anywhere. I said buzz a lot. There, I said it again. I’ll stop now.

And I know not all days, hours, minutes are constant excitement, but I’m scared that I’ll end up 13 years into another relationship being unhappy. It’s harder to start over in your when approaching 50 than it is when you are approaching 30.

So, to quote Shakespeare, ya know, if Shakespeare was a 30-something-female living in the post-Covid dating world in 2021….

‘To settle or not to settle? That is the question’

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Welcome to my blog about my car crash dating life as a 30 something female.

15 thoughts on “The S Word.”

  1. NOT to settle! I say bang Mr Big on the side. I know that’s a horrible thing but life is short. It will come to an end or not, and the guilt will decrease over time, plus you won’t have time to overthink this whole thing with GG.

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    1. Girl, you are a bad influence! 😂 I am not jumping back into bed with Mr Big, no matter how good it might be. I just want to feel that same excitement with GG. But that excitement is what creates the walking, talking sack of potatoes. You know? Vicious circle.


  2. I definitely don’t think you should settle at all. . I think you have to truly consider if you would feel this way about GG if no one else was in the picture, no chance of anyone else.. If you still would leave him knowing no one else was on the horizon then yes I would listen to your gut.. … Also, are you in some ways self-sabotaging?

    Honestly what I would do is give him that last chance.. I’d test him lol.. Tell him things you truly feel and see if he reciprocates.. Tell him you miss him (only if you do) and see how you feel when you say it and see if he says it.. Often times I feel exactly the way you do in a relationship… Am I settling, how come he doesn’t say the things I want him to say and then when I say them to him I understand that the issue is with me… It’s like an epiphany of sorts… Telling someone what you think you feel (when maybe you dont feel that way) is sometimes what I needed to jolt me out of a settling situation….

    Not sure if any of that made sense lol

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    1. Am I self-sabotaging? I have asked myself that question. I just don’t know.
      Would I question it at all if it wasn’t for Mr Big? Probably not.
      But that seems unfair.

      I do say things like I miss you, and I mean them. He replies in kind.

      It’s the lack of introductions for me though. I say the nice things. I do the nice things. I buy the nice things. I talk about building, and introducing to friends/family.
      He hasn’t even mentioned it.

      That is the problem I need to communicate.

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      1. I’ve actually been in a relationship like this before… It went on for much longer than i care to admit.. I think we both just didn’t want to be alone? I really liked him for years then when feelings were reciprocated my feelings started to fade… The day it clicked for me was when my car broke down… I had maybe 5 ppl I could have called in that moment but he was the last person in my list… It was pretty obvious to me at that point..

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